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International Initiative | Kick-off Event 10/11 May 2022 | digital 

Are you ready for a better network within the European Healthcare Sector? 
... let's rise to a new level!


Imagine you are developing a solution to a problem in the medtech sector and can bring your product to a unified market throughout Europe through interoperable systems and standardized EU approval processes.

Or you need medical care in another European country and your protected health data is always there, wherever you are.

That would be a milestone for a sustainable healthcare system in Europe - wouldn't it?


The aim of the initiative visionhealth42 is to elaborate a joint vision for Europe: What can a digital network in healthcare look like at European level?

visionhealth42 offers an ideal platform to

  • strengthen international cooperation in healthcare,

  • benefit from innovations,

  • discuss data protection challenges and ethical concerns across borders,

  • jointly shape a sustainable and strong healthcare system at European level.

Let's shape our health together!

Advisory board

Advisory Board

Last updated June 30, 2021

Roberto Ascione

CEO & Founder

Healthware Group

Mariano Corso foto.jpg
Professor Mariano Corso

Co-founder & President

Partners 4 Innovation

Professor, Politecnico di Milano

Gaiger.Photo.Fotocredit an- CCC-Fotograf
Prim. Univ.-Prof. dr Alexander Gaiger

Program Director Telemedicine, E-Health & Artificial Intelligence, Comprehensive Cancer Center, Medical University of Vienna

Julia Hagen

Director Regulatory & Politics

hey Health Innovation Hub

dr Eva Maria Kirchberger

Marie Curie Fellow, Strategy & Entrepreneurship, Imperial Business School;  Senior Teaching Fellow, Enterprise & Innovation, Imperial Dyson School of Design Engineering

dr Catherine Ladewig


EIT Health Germany

Paolo Michelutti

Expert in HR management and organization & Project manager in EU projects on healthcare organization and health  workforce projects

Prof. Dr. Sylvia Thun

Director Core Unit eHealth and Interoperability

Charité Visiting Professor

Berlin Institute of Health

Laura Wamprecht


Flying Health Ltd

Bart de Witte


Hippo AI Foundation gGmbH

Foto Zezula.bmp
ao Univ.-Prof. dr Jurgen Zezula

Chairman of the Ethics Committee of the Medical University of Vienna


Kick off event 2022

Online event on May 10th, 10am-12pm CET and May 11th, 3pm-5pm CET

Prior registration is not necessary. The link to the event will be announced shortly.



1. International Cooperation in Healthcare
2. Digitalisation & Innovation in Healthcare
3. Data Protection & Ethics

Challenges in the health sector require international cooperation at the highest level. The health system in the EU is a national matter but often in the hands of the country's regional politics. Hence why international cooperation is more difficult. 
However, pandemics, such as Covid-19, and other diseases know no national borders. 

visionhealth42, therefore, tries to find answers to the following questions:

  • What facilitations at EU level should be introduced to strengthen cooperation in the health sector?

  • How can we ensure interoperability in Europe on a technical, organizational, and semantic level?

  • Which European-wide standards should be created in order to jointly design a sustainable health system for Europe?

  • How can we unify the European market to increase international competitiveness?

Europe is characterized by a wealth of innovative ideas and applications for the health sector. However, there are often different and more difficult approval criteria for one and the same digital solution in different countries. 

visionhealth42, therefore, explores the following questions:

  • What reimbursement models for digital applications and their integration into the health system exist in Europe? Best practice examples in Europe

  • How does the ideal Digital Patient Journey look like?

  • Which EU approval processes should be introduced to make the entire European market accessible for European medtech start-ups and innovations?

  • What should the funding strategies and models for Medtechs be to enable scaling?

Digital solutions enable efficiency, but data protection issues and ethics often stand in the way of progress through digitalization. With the GDPR, the EU has launched a milestone on data security and the protection of patient data. However, the adaptation of the GDPR to regional circumstances makes it difficult to handle this set of rules easily. 

visionhealth42, therefore, explores the following questions:

  • How can patient data be exchanged securely - in a technical and ethical sense?

  • Storage location Europe: Is the European Health Data Space suitable for increasing international cooperation in the health sector?

  • How can European Open Standards and Open Source be created?

  • What should EU guidelines for AI and ethics look like? 


Planned congress in 2023

The keynote speaker of visionhealth42 to be announced shortly. 



Trieste is well-known as the city of wind. Once an imperial-royal seaport, the city is located in Italy but is also the most southern city of nothern Europe. Many great poets and writers such as Rainer Maria Rilke and James Joyce are closely connected with the city. With its maritime charm, it has always been a melting pot of cultures. At the end of the 19th century, the culture of “coffeehouses” was in full bloom in Trieste and there were more than 500 newspapers and magazines in different languages. Trieste is a vibrant city where different cultures, people and religions have been living together for centuries - a flagship model that the European Union can only wish for. The city and its historic landscape always invite its guests to an entertaining and interesting excursion.

Triest visionhealth42
Hotel Savoia Excelsior Palace

With a spectacular view overlooking the Bay of Trieste, the Hotel Savoia Excelsior Palace is in an excellent location - right by the sea and in the middle of the city centre. The 4-star superior hotel is located in a beautifully restored, historic building from the 19th century. The meeting rooms are decorated with frescoed ceilings, impressive chandeliers and feature day light - for high-level meetingsFurther information

Day 1 - "Cooperation Day"


Day 2 - "Innovation Day"

Keynote  |   Plenary   |   Live voting

Digital innovation camp   |   New technologies   |   Start-up pitch








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Keynote  |   Plenary   |   Live voting


Spring 2023


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